What's all this, then?

Each Halloween season, when the Greenwood Reaper inhabits my yard, people ask me “How did you make it?” and “What is it made from?”.

Since I’m making a bigger and better reaper I figured I’d make this blog to answer those questions. This is also a way for interested parties to ask questions and see the progress of the project.

The only regular time I spend building is on the week-ends, so it’s likely posts will appear early in the week.

The posts appear with the newest on top, so if you're new to the sight scroll to the bottom to read the beginning.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Screen: It's not just for windows

Knowing that the main material of the skull is going to be expanding polyurethane foam I needed a bit more surface area to support it.

I wrapped the wire frame with aluminium window screen. Most of the time I was able to simply fold the screen into place, but some areas needed to be 'sewed' into place with thin wire.

After pricking my fingers a few hundred times with the sharp ends of the cut screen, I put on some gloves.

I also used some scrap plastic irrigation pipe in the eye sockets to keep the foam from getting out of control.

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