What's all this, then?

Each Halloween season, when the Greenwood Reaper inhabits my yard, people ask me “How did you make it?” and “What is it made from?”.

Since I’m making a bigger and better reaper I figured I’d make this blog to answer those questions. This is also a way for interested parties to ask questions and see the progress of the project.

The only regular time I spend building is on the week-ends, so it’s likely posts will appear early in the week.

The posts appear with the newest on top, so if you're new to the sight scroll to the bottom to read the beginning.


Monday, March 30, 2009


Shane Harmony said...

I want to help!!! ...But I'm down in Southern California... might be a tiny bit far. :( I so want to help though!!! Good luck, can't wait to see the photos!!

TB Sims said...

I am on 65th and Sycamore. Just say the word and I will be there with 4 or 5 stout hearted folks.

Greenwood Reaper said...

Well… the Black Widow project got usurped by 3 months of Burning Man preparation. Maybe I’ll do it next year. However, I can always use help the day of the Reaper-raising. I’m going to shoot for the week-end of the 17th – 18th. Heck, I’ll even provide lunch. 

The Renzntzman said...

I would have loved to help you raise the reaper but it looks like you're doing it today while I'm at work. If you do build the Black Widow next year, I'd like to help if I can. I live at 3rd and 80th so not too far from you. Thanks for giving the neighborhood some Halloween spirit!

Pia lola said...

I love it, it would be lovelly to have this kind of escultures in my town............ I WANT IT HERE!